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Everywhere we turn, we draw inspiration – usually from previous events. History dictates a large part of cyclical trends we see emerge and with each new season we are gifted new interpretations of these.  

Katie Earl and the Francesco Group created this beautiful collection, and as they tell it “The Vikings TV Series staring Kathryn Winnicks inspired this collection as well as the culture of Shield maiden warriors in Nordic and Germanic myth and legend, where it was common for women to fight alongside their men,” she says. “Both cultures worshipped multiple gods, Thor, Odin, yet had a deep respect for the Earth that provided them with life. “Pagan” features defined shapes, natural colours, texture, braiding and roping focusing on strong women with a warrior’s spirit.”

With the onset of many shows, movies, and literary tales, this theme is ever-present. Take a peek for yourself at her stunning work, it may even inspire you in your endeavors.



Hair by Kate Earl, assisted by the Francesco Group Church Lane Team

Styling by Jess Wilcock

Makeup by Judy O’Sullivan

Photos by Kerry O’Sullivan