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The Louisville Artist Community continues to embrace collaboration with artists supporting artists, creating beautiful imagery that promotes everyone involved. The bigger picture is that you don’t have to live in a big city to create beautiful artistry. We have thus created a community through artistry and enjoy promoting everyone’s talents.

I'm always experimenting with hair artistry but I think it’s important to be able to create ‘simple and elegant’ too. Sometimes looking into the past can inspire the future. I wanted to create soft, romantic updos on the girls to enhance their beauty. The end result was classic styling with a vintage flair.  Perfect for spring and summer, and adaptable for every season. I think women’s fashion and hairstyles come and go, but classic is always worth a revisit because there is something for everyone.

I had met Genna Yussman Greene seven years ago. She was one of these people you meet that you just know your going to be friends for a long time. She is amazingly gifted in costume, fashion design and photography. Bethany Hood is a fabulous makeup artist I have rapport with. We have worked many shows and photoshoots together with success. We recently worked together last season at NYFW for Stevie Boi and she recently returned from Paris as lead makeup artist for Stevie Boi’s spring show. I have worked with Alexis Gibson a few times prior with other photographers, she is signed to Mazza Models and has recently walked in NYFW, she has a bright future. Centria Kapris is a gorgeous model with poise and elegance. I met her when working on set for Extol magazine. Arianna Johnson walked in the salon and I just loved her look, so I booked her. She is a singer and college student and I would like to work with her again on future projects.  The shoot was very relaxed and chill. I find that organization and communication is key to creating a successful shoot. My on-set must-haves included, "No bend" clips from tearsheet, Fashion Works 12, Guts 10, Iron Shape 11, and Shine Flash 03. – Matthew Tyldesley, Hair

I have had the pleasure of working with multiple people in this series many times. Louisville's creative professionals are a very tight knit group. With these looks I was focused on the lip to be the statement piece. Each girl, with her amazing complexions, was paired with a color that complemented that the most. Genna had just gotten a new puppy and it was the perfect addition into a group of people who are always the biggest pleasure to work with. Being on set with these artists is easy, quick, and the outcome is always successful. – Bethany Hood, Makeup

This series was an excellent adventure into hair for all seasons. This team brought forth a dynamic series of female models which all brought a little something different to the shoot. This shoot highlights the changing of the seasons through hair, beautiful makeup and femininity. Matthew and Bethany truly added that flawless touch and everyone was amazing to work with. –Genna Yussman Greene, Styling & Photography

This team never fails to create something amazing and I'm so glad to be part of it. Not only am I happy with the final images, but the experience as a whole working with these creative powerhouses. – Alexis Gibson, Model

I had so much fun on this shoot! I had previously worked with Alexis and Matt on set of Extol Magazine. He had asked me if I was available to shoot again and I was eager to do so. I loved my hair and make up. – Centria Kapris, Model

We flowed and functioned together well! While one person was getting their hair done, one person was at makeup, and the other was already taking photos. It was a fun environment, and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Matt found me at the salon he works at in Louisville. I was taking my cousins to get a haircut. I walked into the salon, Matt saw and approached me and gave me his card! Now here we are today! My favorite part of the shoot was the whole process of getting my hair and makeup done! It was my first time ever modeling for someone, and the experience is one I will never forget. I'm grateful for the opportunity and would love to do more! It was crazy seeing the shots for the first time and getting the "o.m.g. that's me" feeling. The warm colors in the shots complimented my red hair and my makeup perfectly. We were trying to get a 60s vibe for spring and summer! Currently, I see it going into a more athletic relaxed look mixed with an urban vibe. For example, ripped jeans, longer oversized clothing and lots of layers. Redken's Iron Shape 11 and Control Addict 32 were my favorite styling products of the day! – Ariana Johnson, Model


Hair: Matthew Tyldesley @hairbymatt

Makeup: Bethany Hood @thehouseofhood

Styling & Photography: @gennayussman


Alexis Gibson @alexisngibson

Centria Kapris @cen_tria

Ariana Johnson @arianagingerjohnson