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We don’t know about you, but we love changing our style based on our mood. Being able to feel bohemian one day and glamorous the next allows us to exercise our wardrobes alongside one's character. Hairstyles have the ability to evolve quickly, and in this tutorial, Sherri Jessee shows us how to change one gorgeous gal into a variety of lovely looks. Check out the styles below and a few tips for each look!


Rocker: Slick the sides back to the center and secure. Tease the top and smooth back.


Socialite: Tease the top and smooth back. Pin the lengths under to create a faux bob.


Screen Siren: Curl small sections of the hair on a 1 ¼” iron, then brush to create gentle waves.


Glamour Goddess: Run your hands through the curls and brush the hair away from your face and spray.


Stylist Hint:  all these styles will last longer with a good misting of a firm holding hairspray.

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Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee

Photographer: Mickey Baker

Model: Christine Electra