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Studying fashion and design, Christian Ríos has always had a love for the visual arts. Combining this passion with his skills for hairdressing Christian concentrates his time at the salon, creating collections and backstage at fashion week. In his latest collection - Mullet - he explores this vintage design, renewing it for a modern era. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection and see his gorgeous creations!

What was the inspiration behind "Mullet"?

Mullet is inspired by the history of Iceland’s and England’s fishermen of the 30s and 40s, who inadvertently created a style that would end up being a trend around the world. These fishermen fished a type of fish called mullets, hence the name mullet. The napes and sideburns were left long, in order to protect the skin and face from burning due to the long hours they spent at the sea, in the sun and with cold air. 

How did you come up with the color story for the collection? 

The coloring was inspired by soft but at the same time very colorful tones, blending them well to create a more harmonious visual effect. We tested the tones in the salon for a long time to achieve the desired color. That took us about 4/5 months to prepare.

Were there any products or tools that were key to getting the looks and colors you created?

For me, very light products are essential in shootings. No extreme fixation, no waste, no products that add weight. You never know if the final result will be what you want and it may have to be modified at the moment. I work with products by KEVIN.MURPHY and some by Style Masters, which for me are the ones that meet the perfect qualities.

What did you learn about yourself as a person, and as an artist while social distancing?

Something very important: TIME! And to enjoy the moment! Not thinking about the future and not making plans. Enjoying the present, as a person... valuing life and what we have. Stopping our lives made me reflect that we have so much more than we should have, and we don't value it at all! As an artist, I found peace in a limiting moment in my life. I am partly grateful for this confinement. I found a way to relax my mind to be able to inspire myself, and think about where I wanted to go, though it was not easy. I was totally saturated, blocked by so much stress. I realized you have to stop and breathe from time to time, to take time for yourself, to leave your mind blank... and to start from scratch again. Confinement was helpful to receive training, but sometimes you need to reset and stop to manage all new information.

What was your biggest challenge/greatest accomplishment during this time? And from that, do you have advice for an up and coming stylist?

My biggest challenge was undoubtedly knowing how to manage my salon in the face of so much uncertainty, and making the best possible decisions to affect the company and the team as little as possible because every bad decision brings bad consequences. It was very difficult, but luckily I made good decisions and it didn't harm us much. My greatest achievement has undoubtedly been being able to maintain everything without having to resort to help, and at the same time taking advantage of the time to discover an unknown field for me such as avant-garde. It takes a long time to experience this field and the truth is that I never had it. Thanks to this time and without realizing it, I made two avant-garde collections that you may see one day. For me, it has been a gift to value life, time, and analyze where I want to go.

Tell us more about you as an artist and how your work has changed during this time of self-reflection.

Well, now that I analyze my life I can say that it has been a constant risk of effort without stopping. I started working when I was 14-15 years old and I still haven't stopped. I worked in many fields, because I wanted to train in fashion and haute couture, but they always took it out of my head, they told me that I would not get anywhere. At that time I was a client of a salon in the area, and the stylist told me one day that I had to be a hairdresser. Then I was a chef and hairdressing didn’t catch my attention at all. He told me that through hairdressing I could get into fashion easier, as fashion and hairdressing go hand in hand, and I jumped in! I went through a multitude of salons looking for opportunities that never came, even lifting sunken salons, sleeping in the same salon because I lived in another town and the work ended very late, and I had no car and there wasn’t public transport. I have come to do atrocities for others that I would not do now. I got tired and decided, already with a lot of experience, to open my first salon. If no one gave me that opportunity, I would have to look for it again by myself, and risk again. Thanks to my salon, I was able to work at 080 BCN Fashion Week, study design and fashion, create my own collections and finally achieve my dream and feel valued. Life is short, you have to take risks, and risks sometimes go well!

What sets you apart from other stylists?

Well, I couldn't tell you... each one has its own style and stamp and I think that is what makes us unique. Even having the same base and technique we are unique and that is the best in our profession!!!

Coffee or tea?

Without a doubt, a good coffee!!!

Once the quarantine is over, where do you want to go first?

To the beach! It’s the only place that leaves my mind blank. I can spend hours and hours on the beach without getting tired.