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Among all else, passion exudes from Carol Bruguera's latest collection, as it does with most of their work. Seeing themselves as less of "artists" and more of  "born workers - a pursuer of perfection of everything that appeals to them." Weaving braids with texture and refined placement, their collection – Trenesis – gives us a keen insight into the incredible skill set and where they draws their inspiration from. Keep reading to learn more about Carol Bruguera and the stunning collection they've created.


What was the inspiration behind this collection? 

It was the same Trenesis as last year since we had sort of fallen by the wayside, and I am afraid something similar has happened to us this second time. It is strange but it is like that, you often feel very proud when they tell you that something is very good, but at the same time that you feel great satisfaction you also see and think about what those who admire it do not see, what you would have done more and better, but came up short. 

Tell us more about you as an artist and how your work has changed over the years. 

I don't consider myself an artist, but a born worker, a pursuer of perfection of everything that appeals to me. I'm lucky enough to work in a hairdresser/barbershop, which is much more technical than it may seem, and it is part of an art in which hair is used as raw material, which is a big deal. It is like a field that is divided into many other fields, and at the same time, it is subdivided into many new worlds. If there is one thing that has changed over time, it is that every time I know a little bit more about any of these worlds, I see that all of them are interconnected, and that ... unfortunately, I will never end, like the Sagrada Família, because I find new subworlds. I like any kind of haircut, be it with machine, scissors or razor, I like updos, braids, coloring, hairpieces ... and all this with the thousand and one variations they may have, without ruling out that the model is an animal, an anonymous person or a top model. If anything changes over time ... it is the knowledge of oneself.

What did you learn about yourself through creating this collection? 

That we have so much to experience and learn.

What was your biggest challenge/greatest accomplishment? 

Bringing people from different salons together to complement each other in pursuit of one common goal.

Were there any products/tools that were key to getting the looks? 

The hope and the desire, more than any tool or product.

Do you have a mentor/someone you look up to in the industry (or outside of it) for inspiration? 

Quite a few, but I could not tell you any name that is very well known or popular, most of them are people from my surroundings, some of whom I have been working with for many years but also very young people who are just starting out but whose fresh ideas free from experience make them admirable.

If you could have a superpower what would it be? 

The gift of ubiquity, to be able to be at many places at the same time, so I could be everywhere I want to be.

Coffee or tea? Morning person or night owl? 

Tea, at noon, but between morning and night, I prefer to watch the sunrise.

Favorite travel destination/bucket list location?

For short breaks anywhere in the Pyrenees or the Costa Brava of Catalonia, and if not, to visit some megacity, but Japan is a dream I would like to fulfil.