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Carol Bruguera's recently released collection, Trenesis Magical, brings a necessary note of optimism to the current situation and shows us, through the art of hairdressing, that the times when we attend magical events will return sooner rather than later. Moving forward we must be prepared to experience times like these with renewed intensity and a new style.

The Styles: 

Her styles are a blend of classical hairdressing and fantastical finishes with notes of decadence and carefreeness throughout. Trenesis Magical achieves contrasts that manage to define today's society — delicate, elaborate, informal, intense and innocent.

The Inspiration:

To achieve this goal, Carol Bruguera creative team has created half updos that allow long hair to show all its natural splendor while also being elaborate. To this end, two aspects have been presented: firstly, soft colors with chiaroscuro gradients and ergonomic textures that enhance the a classic look. Second, we see innovative updo techniques, based on different sailing knots (Carrick and Sea Urchin), Celtic (Pretzel) and even Chinese macrame.

The Outcome:

By combining these two apparently distant styles, a surprising harmony is achieved. So much so, that Trenesis Magical has become one of the most commercial proposals of the entire Trenesis series: an ideal collection to attend all kinds of ceremonies, from a wedding to a petit comité evening.

After three main collections and several collateral ones, and after accumulating important international awards and nominations thanks to the Trenesis series, the Catalan brand of hairdressing Carol Bruguera surprises us again with a proposal as extraordinary as it is wearable.



Hairdressing Director: Mia Carol / Hairdressing Manager: Su Moreno / Hairdressers: Marina de Aguiar, Mònica Bazaga, Annabel Cirera, Núria Codina, Gelline Concepción, Sandra León, Alberto Moreno, Angels Santos / Make Up: Anna Pardo (Bodymims) / Photography: Xenia Lau / Lighting and photography assistant: Àngel Ruiz / Lighting assistant: Josu Gómez / Design & Strategy: Dadà&Co / Audiovisual Production: Natx Creacions Audiovisuals / Fashion stylist: Sa Rederi, Cristel Correa / Models: Judit Fuentes, Mònica Lobo, Kenya Martín, Yelyzaveta, Sobkanyuk, Ingrid Souza / Special thanks to: Okashii, Vic (Barcelona) www.okashii.cat