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We are thrilled to partner with the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) to promote all the amazing artists who are finalists for the 2015 NAHAs (North American Hairstyling Awards), the most prestigious hair and beauty award in the country. Bangstyle had the pleasure of getting to know the incredibly talented Matt Swinney, one of this year’s finalists in the “Hairstylist of the Year” category. Check out our exclusive interview with Matt to learn a bit more about his collection and what fuels his passion for hair.

Tell us a bit about your nominated collection this year. What was the inspiration behind the looks? How did the creative process unfold?
The word "purity" was my inspiration. I wanted to capture the artistry in what we do while keeping it whimsical with a little movement. A canvas on a wall without a frame. Purity.

Were there collections in other categories that you found inspiring or particularly appealing?
I am inspired by all the entries. Creativity is an energy available to us all at anytime. The more we as a society feed that energy, the stronger and more creative we become as a collective.

What was one defining moment in your career?
Winning the Avant-Garde category in 2013 was pretty amazing and humbling for me.

Which non-hair related areas do you constantly find yourself being inspired by?
There is nothing more creative than the universe. It created us. So whether it be a walk outside, a moment of silence, or sleep, I connect with the universes to fill the creative tank.

What is the most valuable thing you take away from the artists you look up to? What do you hope to pass on to the artists looking up to you?
A) To consistently reinvent oneself.
B) When you raise the awareness of the people around you, you will achieve success.

How do you think we as a community can do better at bringing consumer attention to all of the artistry that is NAHA? Maybe interview the judges so people understand why they voted for who they did. Additionally, including more non-industry judges.

What is the one tool and/or product you can't live without?
L'ANZA Dry KHO hairspray. Best spray ever!

If you hadn't found Hairdressing, what do you imagine you'd be doing instead?

Do you have a ritual or lucky item you'll be bringing to the awards?
Meditation is my daily ritual to remind my self that the journey is as we are.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate and lots of it!


Be sure to Stalk Matt Swinney to see more of his stunning hair art and wish him luck at the upcoming awards!