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We were thrilled to hear that our friend and incredibly talented artist Dat Tran had found a new home for his salon, Dat Salon, in Toronto. There's always such an artful beauty to the work that Dat creates, it was no surprise his new space was once an art gallery. Incorporating elements from the artistic space into the salon's design, we are pumped to see all the new hair art that comes out of Dat Salon's new home. We caught up with Dat to ask a few questions about the move and the new space.

Tell us a bit about the new space? What was the opening process like?
The space used to be an art gallery and I wanted to continue the hype of the gallery, so I keep the walls available for artwork to be hung and displayed. It took a month process to have everything renovated and installed.

How did you know this was the perfect space to create your salon?
I loved that it was an art gallery before and being part of one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Toronto, which has a Williamsburg hype.

What inspired the design?
Art and being an artist, creating something that was fresh and unique. Minimalism and clean lines were also a big influence.

How does the atheistic of the space influence your work?
Having the hair stations like artists easels and the surrounding walls filled with art, inspires the very best creativity in all our stylists bringing out attention to detail in all our work.

What kind of client experience do you strive to create?
We want everyone to feel welcomed and at ease when they walk through our door. Knowing they will get nothing but the absolute best quality in service and products. Constant updating with the latest trends and techniques while providing the comfort of knowing our products are formulated with the best vegan ingredients and imported from Italy. They truly are a unique line that cares about the environment as much as we do.

What role does digital play in expanding your brand?
Being that we can now have our clients book online, it's so much easier for them in the fast paced world of today. Keeping everything at our fingertips via Instagram and Facebook is paramount in today's social media society. It gives us the opourtuntiy to continuously showcase our work or any up-and-coming trends or promotions.

What’s on the playlist?
Indie Coffee Shop.

What’s the product/tool you can’t live without?
I’d have to say my blow dryer, I couldn’t do without it. As for product, definitely an aerosol hairspray.

Most Interesting request from a client?
Client wanting to look like Vanity6.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Is there one that the salon shares as a whole?
Recycling bad haircuts


Be sure to Stalk Dat Tran to see all of his beautiful collections!