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Who doesn’t want to start the New Year off on the right foot? Sure, you may have retired from the “clubbing-til-4am” NYE celebrations (or not), but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fab on the last night of the decade. Whether you’re Netflix & chilling at home with your hunny, spending the evening on an exotic beach drinking fruity cocktails or having a low-key soiree with your closest pals, check out a few of our fave NYE looks fit for any occasion. 

Party On 


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Whether you’re headed for a wild night out on the town or spending the final hours of 2019 partying the night away at a lavish soiree, step up your hair game with a chic braided updo a la Lucy Hale. The best part? This style works on any hair length. To achieve the style on shorter strands, begin by dividing the hair into two sections, then dampen the top section with gel and create a crown braid. Secure the braid with a hair elastic, then use bobby pins to secure any flyaways. Next, twist any loose ends from the bottom and gently pin them up into the braid, then finish with hairspray. 


Cozy Night In


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Craving a relaxing NYE on the couch? You’re not alone! According to a 2017 HelloGiggles survey, 15 percent of people want to chill at home and watch Netflix on the last night of the year. But, just because you’re craving a more low-key celebration doesn’t mean you have bum it around the house in a messy bun. Instead, opt for a cute half-updo with tons of volume. Perfect for second- or third-day waves, simply divide the hair into two sections, then use a teasing brush to add volume at the crown. Gently pull the top section toward the back of the head and secure with an embellished hair clip, then use the tail end of a teasing comb to gently pull at the roots to add even more volume. Finish with texturizing spray. 


Romantic Dinner Date


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Headed to a fancy dinner with your main squeeze before watching the ball drop? Take your go-to date night look up a notch with elegant Old Hollywood waves. To achieve the style, begin by creating a deep side part, then divide the hair into sections before you begin curling. Wrap 1-inch sections around a curling wand, making sure to wrap the hair toward the face. Continue until all of the hair has been curled, then allow the curls to set for 10 minutes before gently using a brush to smooth them out. Apply a dime-size amount of shine creme along the roots to add a sleek, “wet”-looking finish. 


Exotic Vacay 


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Spending hours on your NYE look is probably the last thing you want to do while on vacation. But that doesn’t mean you should let your hair run wild —and possibly risk ringing in the New Year with frizzy, poufy or unmanageable locks! A sleek ponytail not only looks chic and sophisticated, but it also will stand up to tropical humidity and takes only a few minutes to create. To give a low ponytail that signature J.Lo “snatch,” opt for a high-shine, high-hold pomade or gel, then slick down a few baby hairs around your face to amp up the look.