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So you’re ready for a new hairstyle, but how do you chose the right one for your personality? Well you could look at the heap of articles that list the different styles and the stereotypical attitude loosely associated with that look, but that certainly isn’t set in stone. In reality, any look could fit any personality. In the end, hair is like fashion in that it’s all about your confidence. If you feel good in a style and confidently rock it, why would there even need to be a conversation about whether or not it fits your personality - it becomes a part your personality. So ultimately, you are looking for a style that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Hair by Sherri Jessee


Having a great stylist makes a world of difference here. And I don’t just mean talented. You need someone that you genuinely like, and someone that gets YOU. The reason you trust your friends’ opinion and suggestions on things like your outfit choice is because you are relying on their deep understanding of who you are. When you have a good relationship with your stylist, they will be a great partner in helping you make new choices and be accurate in their doing something that both flatters and excites you.

Another place you can look for inspiration is your circle of friends. Look at the hair of the people in your social circles. If there is someone that you feel has a similar personality as you, you would probably feel comfortable sporting their hairstyle of choice too.

Hair by Joey Oso


Obviously, whatever hairstyle you land on needs to be appropriate for your environment - an uptight and traditional office is probably not the place to let loose with a pink pixie. All other things considered though, be adventurous. Try different things. It all comes down to confidence, and you’d be surprised how much a small change to your hair can influence your self-confidence.