A29419ca20036c3fe60d fishtail braid tutorial

We’re always looking for ways to take classic styles and update them for a fresh new take. And sometimes the coolest ideas are a result of reinventing ways to use everyday items.  Bobby pins are staple hair accessories whether you’re a pro or have just ventured into hair styling. Originally they were used to secure hair without being seen, but now instead of trying to hide them, they are front and center as accessories in various colors and patterns. Ruth Roche, Global Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, shows how to create a fishtail side braid accented with blue bobby pins.  The result is a striking blue chevron pattern within the braid. Watch the video and see the steps below to recreate the look!


Pinned Fishtail Side Braid

·       Create a strong foundation by applying Pureology Serious Colour Care Colour Fanatic Spray to provide moisture, tame frizz, condition and make hair easier to comb.

·       Then, apply Pureology Serious Colour Care Clean Volume Weightless Volume to create texture and body without feeling like there is product in the hair.

·       To create even more texture, apply Pureology Colour Stylist Root Lift in an “S” pattern to each section and work through with hands.

·       Rough dry with a blow dryer and finish the ends with a large round brush.

·       Work Pureology Strengthening Control Zero Dulling Hair Spray through each section and wrap around a 1” curling iron to create more movement and a finish that looks less done.  Foundation complete – now for the braiding.

·       Using just hands, make a center part, gather all hair into a ponytail to one side and pull pieces out at the crown to create more volume there.  Cover the elastic with natural hair.

·       Separate the ponytail into 2 small sections and create a fishtail braid by wrapping a small amount of hair from the left over to the right, then take a small section from the right and wrap it to the left – at all times only 2 sections will be in hands.  Complete until the ends and secure with an elastic.

·       Starting at the bottom of the braid, pinch the area where the two sections cross (with thumb on the top) and insert a blue bobby pin into the braid in the direction the hair is moving through the braid.  Keep the pin on the surface and tuck in the tip at the cross section under the thumb so it stays secure.  Work up to the top of the braid.

·       Finish by misting Pureology Strengthening Control Zero Dulling Hair Spray on the surface while separating any soft pieces framing the face.

Be sure to check out even more tutorials from Ruth Roche and stay tuned for more fall style inspiration!