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Shorter, more structured hair cuts have become widely popular as of late, but as we head into summer everyone will be looking for low-maintenance options to accentuate their natural texture. Case in point: The Flob. Coined by famed celebrity stylist George Northwood, responsible for countless iconic styles, the Flob a.k.a. flat-ironed bob will be on everyone’s radars this season. Keep reading to learn more about the trend and watch the step-by-step tutorial by George Northwood for his new tutorial series!

The Flob

The classic Sassoon bob shape is still a classic and for good reason, but if you don’t have a great deal of time (or energy) to style this shape, the Flob could be a better option. Additionally, the flob is better suited to thicker hair patterns that can’t usually pull off the weight line of a bob. 

Straying from traditional lines, the flob can be tailored to fit each individual client based on their face shape and hair texture. Unlike the bob, which requires a sharp line, the flob consists of a more fluid shape and shattered texture to give a softness to the overall finish.


Get The Look:

Starting off with a pattern similar to a traditional bob, once the final length is determined, stylists can use point cutting and slide cutting texturizing tips to create a soft weight line. Unlike the bob, the length of this cut generally falls anywhere between the chin and the collarbones depending on your client's desire and face shape. If their hair is curlier or denser, they’ll need more weight taken out to achieve the soft line. If the client’s hair is thinner, cut down on the amount of texturization used. 

Once the cut is established, the styling will help bring this look to life. Instead of traditional waves created with a curling tong, use a flat iron to create wave-like bends in the hair instead. The soft shape of the bends will accent the hair cut and create a long, lean line to the cut. 


Hair: @georgenorthwood, Shot by: @jamesdrewturner, Makeup: @keeleywilsonmakeup, Model: @jeanwatt

Why You’ll Love It:

By customizing the length and the level of texturization, clients with a range of hair types and textures will be able to pull off this look. However, depending on natural texture patterns and density, it might be slightly more upkeep for some, so be sure to discuss the styling and upkeep prior to cutting. 

With a softened shape and light, effortless feel, the Flob is the ultimate off-duty style we’ve all been searching for. If you’re looking for an off-duty or undone feel, this shape will help accentuate those vibes. When possible, work with your natural texture and utilize products to create the soft, natural finish — the ideal update to the traditional bob.