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While most of us have fall in love with Netflix’s Jenny Ortega over her chopped bob (aka wolf cut bob), we’re also completely taken by her full fringe in the series. Blake Reed Evans, Sam Villa Ambassador and Shear Art Salon Owner @blakereedevans, has been obsessed with the Addams family since he was a little kid, “I’m really impressed with Jenna Ortega’s take on the character Wednesday…we have to talk about that fringe!” he says about the Netflix series, Wednesday. “I know clients are as inspired by pop culture as I am, so let’s cut that fringe!” he adds.  See his dry cut 15-minute tutorial below.

This fringe is very loose and has separation with those lovely bits on the side that fall out when wearing hair back, or in the case of Wednesday, get incorporated into those braided pigtails.

How to Dry Cut a Full Fringe in 15 Minutes

  • Spray hair with a multi-benefit product, concentrating at the roots.  Comb through to break up any natural part.
  • Place spine of comb on the forehead, where it lifts off is where the change in the direction of the head is, so that is point one.  Place spine on the corner of the eye, rock it back and where it lifts is point two.  From those two points use a comb to draw a line from the high point to the corner of the eye for point three.  Use dry sectioning clips to clip back all hair not included in the fringe.
  • Comb fringe section forward and check balance, make sure guest is sitting up straight.  Take a small slice from underneath the fringe section and push the rest of the hair back for later. 
  • Establish the fringe guideline by cutting a small piece in the center with hair in its natural fall.
  • Insert the wide side of a comb underneath the section on the right to hold hair.  Use shear to lightly tap hair in place and point cut at a 45° angle with the Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Swivel Shear.  Repeat in other side.
  • Drop down top section, reapply the multipurpose spray and split fringe section down the middle. Take vertical sections on one side, elevate past the guide and cut to add peaks and valleys for a natural textured vibe.
  • Spray root mouse on comb and lightly apply on root area, then comb through. Use a Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer work in a criss cross motion with comb while drying mousse/hair.
  • To create a sense of separation from one side to the other, use a Sam Villa Classic Series 14 Tooth Point Cutting Shear to cut soft lines by overdirecting to the opposite side to encourage a curtain feel without being a true curtain bang.
  • Take a section on each side of face ½ back from the furthest recession area and use steep diagonal lines and vertical sections while point cutting to create longer face-framing sections.