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Futuristic Moonshiners
Hair: Rolando Aqui, Yumi Kotani & Justus Kerr from Geometric Illusions
Photo: Tolga Katas and Phil Edelstein,
Models: Evan Polott, Fabio, & Yoshi

"Futuristic Moonshiners" is the new men's collection from Justus Kerr, Rolando Aqui and Yumi Kotani. As the name hints, the collection is a perfect blending of the past and future. Featuring clean lines and modern fashion, the collection has a classic feel to it, while still seeming to take place in the distant future. We had a chance to chat with the team about what went into creating this awesome series.

What was the inspiration behind the collection
We aimed to show that good clean lines and precise cutting will travel into future lifestyles.

What is the story you wanted the images to tell
Fabio with his dark mood and pretty boy looks is the negotiator for the intergalactic kingpin. He is sent in to handle any profitable business opportunities 
with his silver tongue and coiffed hair. In the unfortunate situation where words and veiled intimidation doesn’t work, then the enforcer, Yoshi, is called on to help things along smoothly. With his clean vintage style undercut and retro fashion, he's not one to underestimate. Last on the list, and the last man in the galaxy you want to cross is the “The Boss.” Don’t let the young well groomed beard and hard part fool you. He didn't become the youngest criminal entrepreneur based off his modeling career.

Tell us about the creative process of bringing these looks to life?
We wanted to showcase how versatile the modern man has evolved in time creating something timeless for each individual. Being able to intertwine all of them into one. Evolving from the past into the present.

Do you have a favorite look in the collection?

It's difficult to chose since they are all clean and represent each guy's style, but I like the two that are rocking the hard part. Looking like a boss in a suit is always a wise choice, so, Evan is a man's man that stands out most.

How did you pair the three distinct fashion styles with the three different hairstyles?
Being able to intertwine each individual with different personalities creating something unique for each one of there looks. You have a the classic going into the modern then creating the future.

Favorite product used on the shoot?
The Foaming styler from Prive is a man's secret weapon when styling. Yes, a finishing product such as matte pomade or a shiny sculpting grease or gel is important for the finished look, but we mustn’t forget our foundations. Men's styling and the ability for our clients to duplicate our mastery must first start with blow drying and using the right product to give them a strong base to work from. In this case, it is the Foaming Styler that is our weapon of choice. It doubles the hair shaft when blow dried and creates a gritty swollen texture that prevents any of the scalp from being seen.

Be sure to Stalk Rolando Aqui and Yumi Kotani to see the more of the Futuristic Moonshiners collection, as well as the rest of their amazing work!