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While trends come and go, some hair movements stick around no matter the season. One we’ve seen weave between years are gemstone hair colors and now, with Matrix #SoColorCult, achieving and maintaining those tones are easier than ever.



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The beautiful thing about opal is the unique colors it can take on - from dark and mysterious to light and ethereal. In this beautiful creation from @amybcolor she’s woven together with light pink, lavender, light blues, subtle yellow and a slight green amidst her platinum blonde to achieve this multi-dimensional tone.




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Using #SoColorCult Retro Blue and #SoColorCult Admiral Navy on pre-lightened hair, @greyzelda created a beautiful color melt from a deep dark root to a two-toned sapphire shade. 




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Whether blonde or brunette, amethyst is a great shade to transition to no matter your skin tone.




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@uggoff created this stunning style by using a mix of diluted Lucky Ducky Yellow and we couldn’t be more in love! She added Dusty Blue at the base to create a beautiful contrast that didn’t take away from this bright and shiny yellow!




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Rose quartz seems to be everywhere – in facial rollers, water bottles and now hair color thanks to @constancerobbins. Rose shades have long been a fan favorite for all hair types, colors and skin tones. An easily customizable pastel, you can add a touch of Rose Quartz to tips, as subtle highlights or an overall wash.




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Aside from beach waves, this beautifully braided style from @hair.by.adam has to be one of our favorite ways to show off this tone. From sapphire roots to aquamarine ends, if you’ve previously been on a Rose Quartz kick, this light blue shade is a great option to switch things up.




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A go-to addition for any level of color, adding pearl to your shade creates an opalescent effect for any tone. Creating a true pearl color is the best way to update your blonde shades this season like this creation by @shaghair.


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