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Fall Fashion Week is about to commence all over the globe. That means a new season of styles - from head to toe - are expected. While we can't wait to see what fashion houses have in store for us, we can give you a few tips and tricks to ensure your hair is already runway-worthy! 

Want to change up your curl routine? Wearing curls should be easy right? Getting the perfect curl can sometimes be complicated but made easier with a few tips and tools! Keeping a variety of helpful hair products and hot tools in stock is the first step to making your hair look like you woke up like that. With these tips, you can take your runway-worthy curls from the catwalk onto to the sidewalk. Before you begin curling, take the proper steps to prepare your hair:

Use the proper products!     

This will protect your tendrils from environmental and heat damage, and ensure your curls hold longer. Try the Macadamia Professional Salt Texture Spray this sea salt infused product delivers a perfect beachy texture without making your hair feel crispy or stiff. The spray is especially beneficial if you have very smooth or silky hair that normally resists holding a curl. The texture spray will give the perfect hold for a beachy look, tousled and effortless, which is perfect for Saturdays spent in the sun. 

Sometimes bigger is better!

label.m Blow Out Spray is just that. It delivers incredible volume, texture, and body to hair. Begin by massaging the spray into your roots while your hair is damp and blow-dry (for best results). The spray also offers heat protection, which is necessary when using hot tools. It is also great for dry hair as a re-styler when you need light hold. A little spray can go a long way, so your curls can have enough body without having to overload on hair products. When pairing this spray with a larger curling barrel (1-1.25"), you will get big, voluminous curls like the ones that you see on the red carpet. Think 1920s Hollywood glam!

Now, onto the hot tools:

It’s difficult to get different sizes and styles of curls when you only have one tool. Luckily, there is a solution— a 2-in-1 Marcel Curling Iron & Wand! This curler has an interchangeable marcel handle which can be swapped out to easily create curls, waves, and volume of any size and shape. Use this amazing iron as a wand or a curler — it's your choice!

*One common mistake many people make when styling their hair is not finishing! It’s important to finish the process with a final touch— hairspray, of course! Some of you may have an apathy towards hairspray if you’ve ever purchased a product that has made your hair look dull or greasy. With label.m Hairspray, you’ll have a strong but flexible hold with humidity resistance and a glossy finish. Say goodbye to stiff curls! The moveable hold allows the product to be used as both a working and setting spray. 

So, the next time you set off to curl your hair remember: using the right tools and products to prep and style your hair are imperative to secure long-lasting curls. From beachy waves, to voluminous curls, these tips and tricks will upgrade your styling skills from rookie to pro. 

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