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When you treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure, you want the results to last. Of course, most of the value lies in the pampering involved with the service, but you also want your lacquer to last a couple of weeks. So, how can you ensure your pedicure doesn't chip immediately? Read on to discover easy ways to elongate the life of your pedicure.

How To Extend Your Pedicure

Opt for a waterless service

Though one of the best parts of a pedicure may be the luxurious foot soak, water can actually lead to premature chipping. When you soak your feet in water, the nail plate expands, and when the nail shrinks back to its normal size, it can cause your polish to chip. Plus, if salons aren’t diligent about sanitizing their foot baths, soaking in water can actually leave you vulnerable to bacterial infections. Another benefit? Going waterless is better for the environment as a regular pedicure service can consume up to 15 gallons of water!

Stick with a shimmer polish

If you really want to get the most wear out of your polish, stick with a shimmery shade. If you’ve ever worn glitter polish on your nails, you know how difficult it can be to remove. The formula is usually thicker and more textured than traditional lacquer, making it more durable and less prone to chipping.

Shower before your pedicure

Much like you shouldn’t shower after a manicure, it’s best to avoid showering after your pedicure. As mentioned above, water can interfere with the polish’s adhesion to the nail, leading to chipping, flaking and lifting.

Apply a top coat occasionally

Want to lock in that post-salon shine? Apply a top coat once a week to keep your color looking fresh. Make sure to apply the formula in thin, even coats to prevent the polish from looking too bulky.

Moisturize at night

To ensure feet remain soft and healthy-looking, apply a hydrating lotion and cuticle oil every night before bed.

Wear socks or slippers around the house

If you want to keep your heels soft and protect your color, avoid going barefoot. Socks, shoes or slippers provide a barrier against possible injuries to your feet and prevent your heels from getting dry or rough. You can also apply a lotion to your feet before bed, then slip on a pair of comfy socks to lock in the moisture and keep feet looking and feeling as good as they did after you left the salon!