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While there’s nothing more satisfying than a fresh style, there is arguably nothing more frustrating than your look losing shape or volume. Whether you’ve mastered the art of air- or blow-drying we’re here to help master the art of a great hair day, every day! The key? Products and timing!

From start to finish, the products you prime your hair with are of equal importance to the ones you create the finishing touches with. Keep reading to see our favorite product picks when getting your style to stay put

Finishing Texture Spray

This is our hands-down favorite styler to pair with natural texture. During the air-dry process, the main goal is to reduce as much frizz as possible, which can sometimes lead to a lack of volume. Introducing a Texture Spray into the mix can breathe new life into your natural texture with a flexible, touchable finish.

Finishing Hairspray

The perfect finish to any style, this spray will create a soft shield and help keep shape alongside flexibility. If you love to run your fingers through your hair or want to create a fun upstyle or second-day braid, apply this first!

Firm Hold Hairspray

Don’t let frizz get the best of your style. Spritzing Firm Hold Hairspray will aid in humidity resistance and make sure your look stays put. Once your style is complete, hold the spray about 12 inches from the hair and mist your strands to lock in the look. Firm Hold Hairspray can also be used after Finishing Texture Spray to capture fullness and body while protecting from the weather!

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