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At the forefront of many nail trends is @Nail_Unistella, and if you aren’t following her on Instagram already, I’m not quite sure what you’re doing. Her fresh designs and attention to detail capture the hearts and eyes of many looking for a new look. From intricate and creative to minimalistic and architectural, she does it all. Her latest trend: Glass Nails, are giving us life this season. Check out some of our favorite styles from this nail maven and see why you should adopt the latest trend!

Equally stunning and matchable to any outfit, these clear nails give us all the feels. They also remind us to keep good care of our nails to ensure no discoloration ruins the look.

Glass Nails Are Trending in 2023


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How To Get The Look: Glass Nails

Want to see how to get the look for yourself? Lucky for you, @Nails_of_la detailed the look for Orly!


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Even More Glass Nail Art Inspriation

We could see ourselves rocking this style all season long! And, twice on Sundays. This transparent shine offers a hint of glimmer if you catch it in the right light. Offering a bit of mystery to your look, this can be worn to any occasion!


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Love the clear? Why not add a hint of pink. Still see-through and just as on-trend, this simple update to a clear nail makes a world of difference.


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In this rendition, these candy-like coated nails remind us of trendy sun visors for summer. We can see anyone rocking these with their kini and a piña colada!


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Another early adopter of this trend? The hair maven, Kristen Ess! Cleverly stating "If you can’t watch the sunset through your GLASS NAILS then what are you even doing with your life?" on her Instagram and thanking @thuybnguyen for the stellar design!


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