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Alot of the times when I see a trend and think "I would totally wear that," I know it's going to track. While the faux freckle trend is rapidly growing, heading into the summer season, we’ve just stumbled upon the Glitter Freckle trend — and all we can think is why did it take so long?

It might be the buzz of Glastonbury still reverberating through the country or flashbacks to the various bachelorettes I’ve been on, but finding fun new ways to celebrate in style, the addition of Glitter Freckles are a much-welcomed (and very cute) trend, especially as compared to the Flash Tat craze that was going on when I got married.

What Are Faux Glitter Freckles?

Faux Freckles are available in natural brown as well as Silver Glitter or Gold Glitter and offer a fun upgrade to your makeup whether you’re heading to a music festival, your bachelorette, or looking for a fun after-party look. With a quick application, with easy-to-remove wearability, these glitter patches are quickly becoming a must-have in every makeup kit. Created by Fazit, who is also known for their pimple patches — this makeup alternative offers a fun take on your makeup.

With a patch that gets placed over the bridge of the nose and extends to the middle of the cheeks, they create a delightful dash of sparkle, without being over the top. With a more natural looking placement and pattern than most alternatives, they are sparking subtle joy.



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How To Apply:

After you’ve applied your makeup, or if you’re going fresh faced, simply peel off the backing, and place the sticky patch on and then blot with a wet towel for 60 seconds and then peel off.



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How To Remove:

While you had to wait for Flash Tats in all their sticky glory to wash off (inevitably leaving your with a bad tan if you were out in the sun), these Makeup Patches are waterproof and sweatproof, yet easily wash off with makeup remover.



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Shop Now:

Faux Freckles in Brown

Faux Freckles in Silver Glitter



Faux Freckles in Gold Glitter


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