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As the groom, your wedding day is not only one of the most profound days of your life emotionally; it can be visually as well. With photo’s, “first looks”, and an extreme emphasis on your style, you’ll want to make sure you feel and look like the best version of yourself. To ensure a seamless style, you’ll want to experiment with your look and styling products weeks or even months prior to the big day.


Have a dress rehearsal with an engagement shoot. Although you might not get professional photo’s done right away, or wait until a month before the wedding– you’ll want to test out how your hair looks when someone else is taking your photo.

On top of the cut, this is also the best time to test out new products.  Unless you like a really clean look, get your hair cut at least a week before the big day – that way you have a natural, lived-in look for your bride.

With any product, you’ll want to try it on your hair for at least 2 weeks. See how it performs for you throughout the day, as temperatures change, with wind in your hair or sun on your back. Think about what the weather will be like for your wedding. In this day and age many more couples are opting for weekend’s away and destination weddings, even if you are only travelling a few hundred miles the climate can be drastically different than what your hair is used to.

Know which product is best suited for your hair type and style preference. Check out this handy guide that will tell you precisely that!

No matter which product (PASTE, POMADE or CLAY) you use on your hair, include HAIRSPRAY in your big day. Even if you’re not a regular user of hairspray, after you just might be. HAIRSPRAY should always be the last layer you apply to your hair, it truly seals in any style to ensure your look stays flawless to matter the weather!

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