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As hair trends go, 2020 is all about the introduction of “the cut” again. Whether crafting a new style for your male or female clientele, stylists are finally cutting again, which means we’ll see more shapes and flexible silhouettes to work with all types of texture. To stay ahead of the curve, we’re detailing some of our favorite grooming tips to adopt behind the chair and the products to get the finished look.

The shaggier the better

It’s all about texture this season and while the “shag” haircut has made quite the comeback, we’ll be seeing iterations of this in all kinds of lengths. Stylists should use slide cutting and texturizing techniques to add movement and extra texture. Pay attention to your client’s grooming habits and natural texture to get the perfect bespoke finish. If your client is a fan of wash and wear versus blow drying, you’ll want to shape their silhouette differently to accommodate this. 

Product pairing: 1922 by J.M. Keune Classic Gel

Classic Gel is easy to work into any length and can be used on wet or dry hair for various effects.



Long hair lengths have been growing in popularity and now mid-lengths are becoming popular too. Slightly easier to upkeep than longer locks, mid-lengths can work great on both straight and textured clients. The key to getting this cut to work is by adding in layers for shape. As a rule of thumb, the more textured your client’s hair is, the longer the layers should be. 

Product pairing: 1922 by J.M. Keune Premier Paste 

Paste is the perfect choice for quick effortless looks that are looking for definition and hold.


Fringe for all

While fringe for men originally went out of style when George Clooney gave up the Ceasar, we’re finding modern interpretations of the trend quite refreshing. Not only can this be a great answer to men who are dealing with a receding hairline, but this also gives them a new way to frame their face. 

Product pairing: 1922 by J.M. Keune Premium Clay

Ideal for texturizing short to medium-length hair, Premium Clay will keep your fringe in place with a matte finish.  

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