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As you count down the days and check off your list, don’t forget this simple yet important detail. We’re sure your suit has been tailored, the honeymoon is all set and you don’t ever want to try another piece of wedding cake, but did you happen to get gifts for your groomsmen? You might feel like Groom-zilla right now, but take a break from the details of the event to get a rad gift for the guys that are standing by your side.

When it comes to getting gifts for dudes, we’ll be the first to admit – it’s challenging. How much is too much, or too little? Are they really ever going to use a tie clip again? If they’re anything like you, chances are they are going to want to look their most dapper on the big day – so why not gift them hair product?

At this point you’re probably at wits end about making decisions and just wish there were a gift set all ready to go, and luckily for you, there is.  18.21 Man Made is not only the finest purveyor or men’s grooming goods – they are also the smartest. With gift bundles perfect for all of your mates, you wont have to worry about piecing things together or even gift-wrapping. Take a peek at your options:


With this option, you can get a Man Made Wash with the styling product of your choice (PASTE, POMADE or CLAY). That way, your groomsmen will have a perfectly tailored look.


This is the perfect bundle if you want to splurge on your dudes, your best man (or for yourself!).  This includes the Man Made Wash, Premium Hairspray, and the divine Sweet Tobacco Spirits.

They say that smell is your strongest tie to memory, so make 18.21 the aroma of choice for your big day! You wont regret it!

Be sure to have plenty of your favorite 18.21 Man Made stylers on hand for a seamless style all summer long! Check out our product picks below and be sure to pick up 18.21 Man Made goodies in the Bangtyle Store!

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Lift His Spirits Gift Bundle

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Spoil Him Gift Bundle - Featuring Man Made Wash + Paste

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Spoil Him Gift Bundle - Featuring Man Made Wash + Pomade

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Spoil Him Gift Bundle - Featuring Man Made Wash + Clay