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Let’s face it, for those of us spending our workdays on Zoom calls rather than working out of a traditional office, it’s pretty easy to get a little laxer on our “office” attire; after all, you only need to look professional from the waist up, right?  Unfortunately, the same rule doesn’t apply to your strands, meaning you can only sport an unruly bun so many days before your coworkers start to grow concerned. Your best bet? Load up on hair accessories that transform even the simplest look into a chic, summer style. Check out this season’s hottest accessories to stock up on now. 

Statement Headbands 

Nothing spices up a casual ponytail or bun more than a statement headband. From edgy textures such as satin or snakeskin to eye-catching embellishments, headbands can easily liven up any look, especially when you need to hop on Zoom in a matter of minutes. 

Claw Clips

Even though we may not be leaving our house as much, most of us are spending a good amount of time outside. An embellished claw clip not only keeps your hair off of your neck, but it can also dress up your look. Play around with different sizes, shades and embellishments depending on your mood. Or, for easy, on-the-go styling, stash a couple of claw clips in your purse for a quick way to beat the heat. 


Whether you twist them into a headband, tie them around your head or even wear them in lieu of a traditional face mask, bandanas have become everyone’s go-to accessory in quarantine. For a chicer take on the Western-inspired staple, try wrapping a bandana around a low ponytail or bun. 

Snap Clips

No longer reserved strictly for pinning up the baby hairs that fall when you wear your hair in a ponytail, snap clips have officially returned, giving us major “Clueless” vibes. For a flirty throwback look, part your hair down the center, then wear two matching clips on opposite sides of your part. 


Looking for an easy way to elevate a plain white tank and shorts combo? Opt for a patterned headscarf. Perfect for disguising dirty roots or keeping your hair out of your face for a beach day, headscarves add an exotic flair to any outfit. 

Gold jewelry 

Though jewelry isn’t considered a traditional hair accessory, we’re seeing a lot of gold statement earrings and stacked necklaces on all of our favorite influencers. Simply part your hair down the middle, pull it into a sleek low bun then throw on a set of gold hoops and you’ll be ready to log onto Happy Hour!