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When’s the last time you cleaned your hairbrush? Can you even see the bristles anymore? Hairbrushes and their cleanliness are actually much more important than you would think. Not only does keeping your brushes clean cut down on bacteria growth, it also helps keep up the integrity of your brush, extending its lifespan and giving you a better style.  

Whether you use your brushes every day or once a week, chances are you’re due for a brush cleaning.

  • Remove excess hair caught in your brush with a comb (a tail comb is usually helpful) to grab all the hair. 
  • Run brush under warm water, and remove initial debris.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo to wash your brush, getting into the bristles and base of the brush.
  • Rinse your brush, shaking or tapping against a towel to remove excess moisture.
  • Air dry for next use.

Combing your hair with a dirty brush just adds more oil and debris to your style. By giving your brushes a good clean and wash at least once a month, you notice improvements in your ability to brush, style, and keep your hair cleaner longer!

At a certain point, it’s time to throw in the towel and invest in a new brush all together. If you bristles are frayed, bent, burned, or so far down the rabbit hole that you don’t think they’ll ever be clean, why not start over with a new cleaning routine in hand.

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