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No matter your hair length or preferred style, hair ties have a place in everyone’s beauty routine (man bun included)!  From keeping hair out of your sheet mask to rocking a topknot when it gets hot out, and all of the variations of up styles you embrace at the gym – hair ties are inevitable. But as time goes on and we develop new techniques for perfecting everyday tasks, we have seen hair ties take a dip as the bungee hook gains popularity.

A bungee hook is a piece of elastic that has a hook on either end. Giving you more options than the traditional elastic band, either end of the bungee is actually meant to be hooked to your hair, not together. While this new hair phenomenon may seem daunting at first, after you learn how to properly use it you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Have you ever decided to try and rock your half up half down style only to rip out half of your hair in the process? Us too. The problem with traditional hair ties lies in the inability to control the shape, tension and application. A closed hair tie has no room for customization and will leave you with a secured section of hair that is either to tight or too loose. With bungee hooks you are able to determine the exact amount of tension you want without causing undue damage or a lackluster style.

From the classic pony, to a topknot, half up or chic chignon, the possibilities are endless with a bungee hook. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. Pick up a pack of label.m Bungee Hooks in the Bangstyle store and show us what you can create.  

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