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Lately, the movements are showing that it's all about making a statement, however bold or subtle it may be. In the latest collection from Cos Sakkas, his statement is that "Sometimes it’s important to have fun and play around with hair and imagery, with no agenda and no pressure." Sakkas Explains.  "This collection was me and photographer, Jack Eames, getting together to create looks that evolved during the day. There was no wrong or right, it was about creating images for no other reason than we wanted to.” –Cos Sakkas, International Artistic Director and Head of Education TONI&GUY. Keep reading to see his collection – Beautifully Free – in its entirety and hear about the inspiration behind it!

Where do you draw inspiration?

The collection is actually a two-part story. Part one uses the same girl with the blonde bob and fringe to illustrate the freedom of hair - no retouching, just natural hair with flyaways and imperfections. Part two uses three girls: with short blonde hair, a black bowl cut and a girl with irregular bends and braids. I took inspiration from statement editorial covers and created looks that captured both powerful eye contact, along with incorporating definite, yet raw black and white contrast to make up a series of shots to bring this theme to life. The style of photography is moody and simple with some tight focus on pure hair. 

How do you choose models?

Models need to be chosen for a brief you are working on, it dictates what they are needed for and what we need to represent. For example, if it’s a cutting collection, colour collection, editorial shoot, a show, or seminar, there are different things to consider for each. Of course the hair is important but so is their face, their personality, and their attitude. 

However intricate, these styles are all still so effortless, how do you achieve that?

For this shoot, I cast girls that had the perfect hair for the feeling that I wanted, so it was automatically easy to achieve. Everything was styled loosely, with an undone texture that portrayed the effortless feeling.

Any must-have products or tools?

In my kitbag, I had a label.m large tong, label.m Bristle Grooming Brush, label.m Hairspray, TONI&GUY Large Cutting Comb, KH Scissors.

Getting into a free-spirited flow can be challenging for some stylists, do you have any tips to help stylists create this type of vibe when creating?

Preparation is key to being relaxed on a shoot. Setting out the looks and practising before the day so that trial and error is done prior to the shoot. You don’t want to be creating the styles for the first time on the day of the shoot - there’s enough pressure without being unprepared! Many people have an image in their head and think they can recreate it, but in reality, it is often different. However, not everything works, you have to be strong to know when the point is to stop and put another idea into practice. Sometimes the best looks come from being under pressure and by accident. 


Hair: Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY, London

Photographs: Jack Eames