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If you Google “color correction,” you’ll come up with a plethora of findings that mostly have to do with makeup or video editing services. However, in the world of a hairdresser, color corrections carry a much different meaning. When it comes to hair color correction, it is a service by which a stylist must transform hair color from uneven or unwanted tones, inadequate placement or grow out. From minimal to severe, there are many different stages to color corrections and should be addressed based on a few different factors. 

Begin by diagnosing the severity

Did your client use a box dye? Is this something that can be fixed with a simple toning service? Does this require lightening? And, if so how many appointments might it take to pre-lighten hair without damage? 

Have a thorough consultation

During the consultation, you’ll want to make sure you ask plenty of questions in order to get a thorough understanding of the client’s hair history. Everything from what shampoo and conditioner to their use to their styling habits can be helpful as you create a new plan for their style. One of the most important factors in choosing a stylist for a color correction is the amount of trust held between stylist and client. For this reason, it is important to set expectations early and keep your client informed throughout. 

Price Accordingly

Color corrections normal take a great deal of time (and product) to complete. This can often occur in one or a few very long sessions at the salon. For this reason, many stylists charge for this service by the hour. At the consultation, you’ll want to set expectations with your client about their results, how much time it will take and an approximate price so they can be aware before committing to the process.

Adequate upkeep

It might be a great idea to offer your client a bit of education about common hair concerns and practices. Educating them about the use of products, the differences between professional-only color and box-dye, or even the different types of bleaches and placement of highlights is a great way to bond with your client. Plus, they’ll most likely be spending a great deal of time in your chair, so this is a great way to pass the time while making them feel like they’re being taken care of by a professional. 

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