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What Hollywood Has To Say:

More and more men are joining the ranks of Hollywood’s elite and embracing a new season of shades. From Brad Pitt to Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, David Beckham, Robert Downey Junior and many more - these A-Listers are diving into the world of men's hair color. Whether they are changing it up for a role or taking a few years off, most men are opting for a natural look. Like botox and pilates, we say if "Hollywood" can do it, we can too!


Take It From The Pros:

Color is not just trending it’s rapidly growing and is being viewed as an express add-on service to enhance today's barbering phenomenon. Utilizing a line like Keune Semi Color (here in Silver Lilac) may be soft, but the strength of the style and cut send a strong statement in today's men's market. – George Alderete

Get The Look:

Step 1: Book your salon appointment. Sure, at home color exists... if you want a one-dimensional helmet head of color. If you are looking for a natural complement to your style, want to take the edge off the new greys you’re sprouting or looking to spice it up with green, blue or vibrant hues....we suggest to always leave hair color to the professionals. 

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