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Hair color is one of the best ways to explore and accentuate your personal style. Great color can completely change your look and instantly perk up any outfit. While it seems like it's an easy change, it is important to realize that hair color actually requires a great deal of upkeep and care. To ensure you’re getting a great outcome every time, be sure to follow these rules of color!

Leave it to the professional – We know, getting your hair colored can be an investment, but box dye will end up costing you much more in the long run. Box dyes are made from different chemical compositions than the dyes used by professionals, which leads to untrue colors and irreversible damage.

Tell your stylist the truth – Ok, so mistakes happen… but if you did use a box dye, fess up. Although it may seem as though your box dye has completely faded and your stylist will never know… they will, and you will too. What has been previously applied to your hair will not be gone until your hair has completely grown out. And underlying pigments can have a huge impact on creating a new color. Let your stylist know your normal hair routine from washing and heat styling to previous color experiences.

Skip the styling – At least once a week, give your hair a break. If you want your color to look great longer, be sure to apply conditioning products post-shower and let your hair air-dry when able. This cuts down on damage caused by heat styling.

Go in for a gloss – While some hair color is more low-maintenance than others, sometimes your hair needs a pick-me-up between salon visits. If you’re spending the summer under the sun, in the pool, or are a frequent washer, you’ll need to touch up your tone between visits. Ask your stylist to give it a gloss, it is a quick process that will restore your hue and add shine!

Get the proper products – No matter your style, your new hair color needs quality products to care for your new shade. First, invest in a Color Retention Shampoo and Conditioner this will be your best defense against fading color. When hair is dyed the cuticle is lifted and damage can occasionally occur; to combat dryness and improve elasticity treat your hair to a Complete Recovery Treatment Masque at least once a week. 

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