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With innovation in products and the commitment clients have to redefining their look this decade, we are about to embark on a really exciting time in the salon. Over the past few seasons – just like any other year – we see the trends from the catwalk make their way into everyday life. And, as designers take more individualistic approaches to fashion, naturally the hair follows suit. Backstage, creative directors and lead stylists are being set free to play with colour, create new lengths, and style with a purpose. Less “cookie-cutter” than fashion’s history would dictate, colour trends coming down the line are bold, fierce, and effortlessly bespoke. Keep reading to see some of the top trends, techniques, and tones that we’re forecasting for the foreseeable future. 

Bombshell Everything

In season’s past “bombshell” was primarily reserved for blonde, but this season we’re seeing bombshell brunettes and redheads too! What does this mean? Taking on a bold approach, we’ll be seeing more requests for all over, solid hair colour. In KEVIN.MURPHY’s latest campaign - RADIANT FLUX - bold shades with a natural approach are ever-present. 

Radiant Finishes

Similar to makeup trends, hair movements are taking up a “lit from within” approach. While clients search for more low-maintenance styles, they are also looking for ways to illuminate their style this season. As seen in RADIANT FLUX, GOLD is the key to creating this look. Less warmth and more illumination, GOLD is the perfect addition to any SHADE and can be tailored to the desired outcome. 


Whether clients are looking to break up their usual highlight look or simply want to add an accent to their usual root touch-up, face-framing is making the rounds as this year's top trend behind the chair. Alongside face-framing, hairline illumination is also a top requested service. Brightening the hairline by paying attention to the details – the baby hairs – is a quick and easy service to add to any appointment. Check out this video by COLOR.ME Design Director, Kate Reid about how to achieve the look! 


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Healthy Hair

No matter what shade your clients choose, more than anything else, 2020 is the year of good health. From utilising shampoo and conditioner for colour-treated hair to using heat protectants and leave-in conditioners, healthy hair gives hair colour more shine, keeps its shade truer and simply styles better! Clients will be looking for the top ways to take care of their hair colour this year so be sure to give them the tools they need before they leave the salon.


A few of our favourite product picks:


COLOURING.ANGELS: An at-home "gloss" for your hair.



HEATED.DEFENSE: Protect against heat styling while treating the hair.


STAYING.ALIVEA staple in our COLOR.ME finishing regimen, apply after each wash to seal the cuticle and ensure longer lasting colour.