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Crimping your hair grained popularity in the ‘80s among rock gods and goddesses alike. Originally made by braiding wet hair and unraveling when dry, this style got kicked up a notch when crimping irons were invented. From large to small waves, crimping gained popularity again in the 90s with pop stars. Recently, with the return of texture, crimping is in again! Used as a technique to build volume, if you can crimp, you can also curl, which is another favorite way we wear our hair. Follow along with the steps below to get Saria’s look, crimped or curled!



STEP 1: mix gel #mixitstrong and polish #mixitsoft and apply scalp to ends

STEP 2: blow dry hair straight with paddle brush

STEP 3: taking small ¼” subsections, crimp hair with crimping iron from scalp to ends

STEP 4: take fringe are and backcomb and shape into a pompadour shape

STEP 5: take sides and slick back with spray glue #dirtyfinish, pin back using bobby pins

STEP 6: finish hair with hair spray #superfirm



STEP 1: apply gel #mixitstrong from scalp to ends

STEP 2: blow dry hair completely dry

STEP 3: using a large barrel curling iron, take 1" sections and curl hair in a spiral pattern, moving right to left along the head

STEP 4: take a boar bristle brush and brush hair several times into the shape you want to create

STEP 5: slick one side of the hair back using spray glue #dirtyfinish (may pin back if necessary)

STEP 6: finish using hair spray #superfirm

For a fun twist, crimp it and then curl it! What’s your pick? Be sure to sound off below and follow us on Instagram and Bangstyle for our latest tips, tricks, and trends!