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Thinking about a change? While cutting your hair may sound scary, it can be much more exhilarating than you think. It is a temporary change that allows you to try out a variety of new styles. Three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year and ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo, gives us some expert haircut tips to try something new and make the most of your fresh look.



With a new haircut, it’s important to change up the way hair is styled – don’t try to style it the same way as you did pre-chop. You’ll also get to try out new styling products to accentuate the new look, play around and see which you like best. If you have gone from a long one-length look to a layered lob, play around with texture and make the most of the subtle layers. Try using Sea Salt Texture Spray for a lived-in beach texture. For shorter styles, try something with a pliable hold like Matte Texture Styling Paste, that way you can change up your look throughout the day.
Want to know how to style a textured lob? Check out this how-to video.


Why stop at the haircut? Play around with colour as well! The best way to show off all the detail of your new style is to complement it with a contemporary colour. Highlight shorter pieces around the front to show variation and create depth. Ensure you keep coloured hair in great condition by using ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment; not only will it protect hair from the sun and heat styling, it will provide your strands with moisture and strength as well.


A new haircut is the perfect time to change up your makeup routine. Go for that bold pout or colored eyeliner; a change will do you good! For example, a fringe can really show off your eyes so play around with eye makeup to make the most of your new look. To keep your fringe frizz-free try Frizz Control Shaping Cream.



After the chop, hair is often bouncier from all the weight that’s been removed. Rather than flattening it – go with it! Volume and texture can look amazing when it’s styled right. Use I Want Body Volume Spray to enhance natural texture and add a great lived-in feel to your new look.



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