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The end of a haircut can go two ways: It can feel like you just stepped out onto a parade float if you love it, or, like your world is EXPLODING if you don’t. Everyone wants you to feel the former, so when that final chair-spin happens and your stylist takes off your cape, you feel like a million bucks. But what happens if you find yourself in the dreaded ugly-cry nightmare of thinking your stylist cut your hair too short? Hopefully, you and your stylist sat down beforehand to go over the style you wanted and together, through photos if needed, found something you were comfortable with and both on the same page about. But in the event that didn’t happen, and you are now fighting back the urge to throw a fit, what can you do to fix it?!

Sadly, the answer is not too much. As tough as it sounds, you need to remain calm - and so does your stylist. Obviously, they have zero desire to send you home hating your new look, and most likely them in the process. If they are responsible for taking a wrong turn somewhere, you better believe they are going to be willing to find some sort of solution for you. Even at a much shorter length than you’re used to, there is still a style that flatters your face shape.

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As a client, it is important to try to hold off on your judgment until the stylist has completed look. Silently cringing or nervous breathing still counts. If you’re looking at your hair when it’s still half wet, you aren’t getting the full picture of what the style actually looks like. Imagine trying to write a story or paint a picture with someone standing over your shoulder, critiquing before you were finished. That being said, if you are feeling uncomfortable during the process, it is ok to voice your concern in a nice way. Let your stylist know that you are feeling nervous, and be prepared to help guide them to what specifically is making you feel that way - is it the way it’s styled? The length?

If you aren’t able to catch it during the cut, and you are left with a big “uh-oh” moment at the end, I’ll reiterate that you need stay calm. The most important thing to remember is that “it’s just hair!” I know it feels like the end of all things sacred on the planet, but it will grow back. You never know, after a day or two to get over the initial shock, you might discover that you actually are really happy with this length. If you are still dissatisfied, have your stylist show you some different ways to style it in order to find something that suits you a little better. Since it’s already too short, you probably want to avoid cutting it further. There are TONS of adorable short hairstyles, and a lot of celebs are chopping off their locks. You could do a lot worse than accidentally ending up with hair like Jennifer Lawrence.