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Oftentimes we are satisfied with the same look, day in and day out – we find comfort and efficiency by sticking with the same style. However, when the time, event, new haircut, or a change in mood strikes it’s nice to know that you can change up your look with ease. In this beautiful tutorial from Hair and Makeup Artist Sherri Jessee, she teaches us how to create 6 different looks using styling and product from one simple cut – a skill that is imperative to know for everyday styling and set work!

1. Create a zig-zag section from one ear across to the other ear across to the other ear. The back section will be cut shorter than the front and the zig-zag allows for the seamless integration between short and long.

2. Using crescent shaped sections following the curvature of the head, hold each section straight out from the head and cut. Use a chunking/texturizing scissor to create both texture and length simultaneously.

3. Continue down following the shape of the head creating your desired length and texture.

4. Cut the front using horizontal sections. Elevate center 3 sections to retain maximum length in fringe area. Use scissor over comb with texturizing scissors to soften the perimeter.

5. Distribute smoothing styling products evenly through the hair.

6. For looks 1,2&3, blow dry loosely with a vent brush to emphasize the texture created in the cut.

7. For looks 4&5, separate a horseshoe shaped section on the top and crimp it. Using a small amount of smoothing crème, smooth down the sides and spray to hold.

8. For look 6, wet the hair down and comb in a classic finger waved pattern.


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Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Model: Kara