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It usually works out that we always want what we don’t have. When it comes to hairstyles, those with long hair want short and those with short hair want it long. The tricky thing is that cutting it all off is a lot easier than growing it all back! Up until now, that is. Whether you got a bad cut or are simply so over your decision to get a bob - hair extensions are the number one way to easily and effortlessly get your length back.

Once you’ve made the decision to go longer (or fuller) there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Start with the extension method

While traditional methods like ring-on, bond-on or tape-in extensions have been the standard up until now, there’s a new method on the block. Ziploxx hair extensions offer all the benefits of traditional extensions with a new way of attaching them. Utilizing a hybrid solution with a featherweight plastic mechanism, each weft includes 4 interlocking segments (with “male” and “female” sides and grooved prongs. To apply, simply partition out a thin section of hair, place the female side underneath the section and close the male side down to lock them together – creating a secure hold that will withstand showering, swimming, and styling all without worry!


Determine Your Length

While opting for the longest length possible, you may want to think about your lifestyle before committing to a length. You’ll want to pick a length that compliments your style without causing a great deal of maintenance. The great thing about Ziploxx is the ability to apply and remove extensions and reuse them with ease!  


Matching Your Color

Whether you’ve got a single shade or you’re looking to add or blend your highlights, extensions are a damage-free way to do so. Once you have an idea of the finished look you want, be sure to consult with a stylist to order the correct shades.



The great thing about Ziploxx is their ability to be reapplied and taken out with ease – we’re talking no residue from tape or bonds! Able to reapply up to 5 times, we suggest regular maintenance at two-week intervals. In between these times, be sure to treat extensions with as much care as you would give your own hair. Shampoo and condition them and apply heat protectant before the use of hot tools. Occasionally deep condition them and apply leave-in treatments.


A few of our favorite products:

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