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Coloring your hair is an investment, and if you find that your color fades after only a handful of washes, you may not be taking care of your tresses properly. Read on to find out the most common mistakes women make when it comes to caring for their hair and what you can do to keep your color looking fresh.

Mistake #1

Not using color-safe products.

Even though most women know how important it is to use color-safe products, many forget to use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed to maintain their color on a regular basis. But not all color-safe products are created equal. For those with blonde or gray hair, a neutralizing shampoo is key to eliminating unwanted brassy tones, while those with more vibrant colors should stick to a shine-boosting formula to protect against fading.

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Mistake #2

Only going into the salon once the color has faded.

If you notice discoloration or your roots have grown in way too much, you actually needed a color touch-up weeks ago. When you get your hair colored, you must be willing to commit to frequent touch-ups not only to freshen up your color, but also to maintain the integrity of your strands. Before you ask your stylist to give you a certain shade, make sure you can make time to come into the salon on a regular basis. By going into the salon every 4-6 weeks depending on your shade, your stylist will only have to do a little work to spruce up your color, rather than basically start from scratch to achieve your desired shade.

Mistake #3

Not asking your stylist for advice.

Much like you wouldn’t trust any run-of-the-mill doctor you met while out and about, you should be picky when it comes to selecting your stylist. You want to make sure this person has your best interest at heart and will provide you with advice for your particular hair type. That being said, you have to listen to your stylist’s recommendations when it comes to caring for your color. Because your stylist works directly with your hair, only he or she will know the best products and routine for you. Pay attention to your consultation before the start of every appointment and make sure to ask a lot of questions (i.e. does pastel hair need more maintenance than blonde?, etc.) before committing to a certain shade.

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