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From special events like proms and weddings to a fun night out on the town, adding accessories to your hairstyle is a great way to upgrade your look without making a big change. “If you’re looking for a quick and easy style for an event, either for yourself or guests, this hair headband with pearls is great. And it can easily be taught to a client…because we can’t always be there for them,” says Ellen Devine, Sam Villa ArTeam Member @ellendevinehair.  Devine ordered the adhesive pearls in multiple sizes from Amazon and used a Sam Villa Pro Results Single-Waver to create the fun texture. 


How To Get the Look

Hair Headband

  • Take a diagonal section behind an ear with a tail comb, brush vertically with a Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush to smooth and make hair slick and tight.  Rub Cult + King Balm in hands and apply to smooth flyaways and add grip for the pearls. 
  • Tuck section over ear, spray with soft hold hairspray and hold with a Dry Sectioning Clip.
  • Repeat on other side.
  • Join both ends and secure together with an elastic under the neckline to create a band of hair.


Fun Texture

  • Spray hair with Redken Thermal Spray 11 and comb through.
  • With the Sam Villa Pro Results Single-Waver Iron on 320° to protect haircolor, take horizontal and diagonal sections throughout the head and compress down the hair strand.  Larger sections will form a looser wave.
  • Let cool and soften waves with the finishing brush and texturizing spray.


Pearl Placement

  • Remove a pearl, tweezers can be used for the smaller ones, place in two diagonal lines on one side, and then fill in the gaps to make a zig zag pattern.  There’s artistic freedom here, so get creative.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Make sure to press pearls into hair so the product and adhesive on the pearls set.

“It creates the illusion of a headband, but it’s more modern and youthful than just wearing a regular headband,” says Devine.


Shop the look:

Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush

Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips

Redken Thermal Spray 11

Sam Villa Pro Results Single-Waver Iron



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