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The latest collection from Uros Mikic hits close to the heart. He chose to highlight his native culture and pay an homage to the women in his life. It is truly touching to see an artist’s collection like this. Through his work it is evident the thought process, care, and passion that went into each look. He says it best in his own words about what this collection meant to him.

My collection “Lepa” meaning “beautiful” in Slovenian language, is my tribute to the strong, elegant, and beautiful women of my home country. I was blessed to shoot this collection in Slovenia, and my “Lepa” woman came from the Slovenian women in my life; my mom who raised me, showing me I can achieve anything I put my mind to; my grandma who instilled in me the sense of family and love; and my wife who continues to stay by my side supporting me.

For this collection, inspiration arose from European fashion magazines and their elegant fashion photography. I was inspired to create beautiful hairstyles for today’s woman, hairstyles and images my clients would be inspired to wear.

I wanted to show my versatility as a hairdresser. Precision skills in cuts that enhance the face shape; and beautiful selection of styling, from up-styles to loose waves and curls, creating amazing shapes. I used a selection of classic techniques as well as pushing the boundaries by incorporating knitted hair to create more elegant looks.

The colour was kept clean to showcase the beauty of rich European colours, vibrant and expensive in its simplicity.


A key aspect of a woman’s beauty is her strength to carry herself and support her family. This cut represents all that; strong, powerful and yet still beautiful.


Undeniably sexy and hot. Victoria’s waves with a middle part to showcase her beauty. Simple, natural, beautiful.


Soft, nurturing, perhaps angelic. The soft curls pinned up and playful reveal her soft side; a perfect representation of her nurturing nature.


Proud of her heritage, and her gender, of her beauty and her strength. Simple and clean precision cut with a halo color splash to represent her proud nature.


Beautiful and elegant, rich and mysterious, a woman that seduces with her fashionable looks and mysterious ways.


Hair: Uros Mikic

Makeup: Maja Susnjara

Photographer Ziga Mihelcic

Stylist: Nina Susnjara