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While most stylists are used to cutting hair wet, learning how to cut hair dry has its benefits as well. From adding texture to knowing exactly how the hair will fall – dry cutting tips are always a useful technique to learn or brush up on. While it may sound effortless there are actually a few rules and regulations to follow when cutting hair dry. To get to know more about it, watch Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam Member, cut to the chase with a unique free-hand approach to dry cutting the perimeter of a textured bob with swivel shears that creates dramatic texture while removing length. 


Why dry cut?  

Dry cutting allows a stylist to create a design that takes into account the finished texture of a style, as well as any cowlicks or strange kinks in the hair. It can also be a great learning tool as allows you to immediately see how the hair reacts to shaping and texturizing. Most importantly, the shape is created in harmony with the finish/texture and it allows a stylist to be highly visual in the approach. It is especially beneficial to those with curly and/or wavy hair.


Tips to Remember

  • To better judge length and texture, it is crucial to finish hair the way the guest will wear it before cutting.
  • Use a large Sam Villa Artist Series Handle Comb, and with the spine against the guest’s skin, use shears to gently tuck hair into the teeth to hold.  This larger comb gives a lot of space to hold hair without tension while cutting.
  • Subdivide larger sections before tucking into the comb for control.
  • Using Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Swivel Shears, rotate grip down and work ergonomically while taking the ends off from the inside out to create a lot of interior texture - more so than if point cutting.
  • It is important to move the fringe area out of its natural fall over to where the guest will actually wear it, and then cut it – this prevents the mistake of taking too much length off.

“This dry cutting approach saves time at the chair, and it creates a nice crisp edge with lots of interior texture,” adds Linares.

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