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Cutting hair after a long hiatus should be like riding a bike, right? You never forget how to do it! For some, yes, but for others, it may feel odd to be expected to return to “normal,” especially with so many new regulations in place. What’s more, stylists are expected to achieve the same professional results in a fraction of the time—most salons will be adding in buffer time slots to ensure their staff performs proper sanitization practices after every appointment. Don’t stress— we’ve got you covered! Ahead, a roundup of the top techniques to brush up on now. 


Technique #1: The Quick & Effective Consultation

With client contact minimal in most states, you need to be strategic when it comes to your initial consultation. Not only will you need to keep things short and sweet in order to stay on schedule, but you’ll also want to ask the right questions beforehand to understand what the client wants and prevent further questioning during the actual service, which can put you behind schedule. Another approach? Master the art of the virtual consultation prior to the appointment to save even more time!

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Technique #2: The Speedy Blow-Dry

Time is money in the salon, especially these days, so it’s important to cut down when you can. One easy way to save a few extra minutes? The blow-dry! The more efficient you are with your blowdryer, the better your results. Strong tension, a large paddle brush and strategic sectioning can minimize dry time, smooth the cuticle and create a shiny, frizz-free finish. 

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Technique #3: The Longer Cut

Women aren’t the only ones desperate for a cut. Thanks to this quarantine, men are rocking longer strands than usual, posing a challenge for barbers used to working on shorter lengths. And, while some guys will be eager to return to their coveted crops and fades, others may embrace their length—and need your assistance in styling their new look. Knowing the right techniques as well which products to recommend will help your clients better adapt to their new ‘do—and help them go longer in between appointments, if necessary. 

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Technique #4: The Romantic Updo

Although wedding and prom season may be postponed, it’s always a good idea to tune up your updo skills. Adding elegant twists can transform a simple, understated style into a breathtaking masterpiece. The key to any updo? Walking the line between perfectly coiffed and effortlessly tousled—the idea of “prom curls” is no longer desirable. These days, it’s all about creating a style that looks like it was “thrown together,” though every stylist knows there is a meticulous science to mastering the look. 

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Technique #5: The Fast Layering Job 

Notice a pattern here? When it comes to hair post-quarantine, time is money and efficiency is key. Clients no longer want to spend hours in the chair, and, since coloring will eat up most of their time at the salon, it’s important to learn how to cut layers as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of your work. With proper training, working in larger sections can make it look like you spent hours cutting the hair in a fraction of the time. 

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