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As summer comes to a close, everyone is trying to enjoy the last few beach days as well as their beachy texture. A fresh season is a perfect time for a fresh start and with the “second New Year” rapidly approaching we’re looking forward to a few changes when it comes to style. This season, we’re going to be swooning over more polished styles to coincide with what we’ll be witnessing on the runways. While you won’t need to do a complete product overhaul, there are a few must-haves you’ll want to pick up to get the look.


Soft Bends

Sometimes all it takes to update your look is to add the smallest change. While we love a good blowout, we also love throwing a slight bend into the mix. The key to getting this look lies in a sleek blowout with an effortless finish. Hair should be prepped with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY at the roots and HEATED.DEFENSE throughout the mid-lengths and ends. The added volume will create movement, while HEATED.DEFENSE will protect against heat damage while acting as a leave-in treatment. Work in clean, even sections and blow dry with a LARGE ROLL.BRUSH to get a smooth finish. Once dry, use a wand, wrapping the middle of the strand in random sections and alternating directions. All it takes is a slight wrap to create the bend. Once finished, spritz with BEDROOM.HAIR to get an effortless finish.


Silky & Oh So Straight

Do you remember when you got your first straightener? We do! It was a shiny, gold Hot Tools straightener that was overly clunky, yet somewhat effective. The only problem was, it made hair too straight. To get a beautiful, straight look you’ll actually want to create volume first. If straight hair lacks volume it tends to become sticky and overly flat. To get a silky finish, apply FULL.AGAIN Thickening Lotion throughout strands and a dose of YOUNG.AGAIN at the ends. Use a LARGE ROLL.BRUSH to get movement throughout the roots and once dry use a TAIL.COMB to comb through each section as you straighten the mid-lengths to ends.


Polished Beach Waves

Beach waves are undoubtedly one of the top styles year-round. Make a slight adjustment this year with the products used and finishing techniques to create a more polished version of your favourite style. Instead of using HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY to prep, swap it with STAYING.ALIVE and HEATED.DEFENSE to create a silky base style. Then, using a brick-lay sectioning pattern and alternating directions, wrap sections around a wand and let go. Beach waves wouldn't be complete without a bit of texture! Finish them with a spritz of BEDROOM.HAIR for a perfect finish.

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