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Texture makes everything better, especially when it comes to your hair.  Adding a matte texture to beachy waves instantly takes your look from cute to cool-girl chic. And now, achieving “lived-in” texture is easier than ever, thanks to Redken’s Dry Texture line. Keep reading to discover why this product line promises to give you Instagram-worthy texture every day of the week.

What It Is: The Redken Dry Texture line is designed to add effortless, modern texture to both freshly-washed and second-day strands. The innovative line features everything you need to achieve texturized locks:

Redken Dry Texture Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray: A lightweight finishing spray that adds airy texture and provides touchable hold. 

Redken Dry Shampoo Paste: A must for second-day strands. A hybrid of dry shampoo and styling paste, this easy-to-use formula absorbs excess oils and adds undone texture and lift to your style. Formulated with charcoal to rid your scalp of impurities, this loose powder dry shampoo refreshes your look and adds light volume without leaving behind a white, powdery residue.

Redken Dry Shampoo Powder: This non-dulling loose powder uses charcoal to absorb oils and impurities. Simply shake at the root and massage into the scalp, then brush through to disperse and refresh your lengths. 

Why You’ll Love It: If you’ve been relying on a standard dry shampoo to give your lifeless strands a little grit, be prepared to be blown away by these innovative products. Not only can you select the dry shampoo formula based on your hair’s specific needs, you can also add texture to freshly washed strands with the line’s finishing spray. What’s more, each product is formulated to refresh your style and add touchable hold, lift and volume, meaning you can officially clean out your bathroom cabinet and simply keep these three products on standby for all of your styling needs!

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