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If you’ve ever been curious about just what steps it takes to create a beautiful image for a collection, we’ve finally got the answers. In this tutorial, Lara Minskip and Kennedy Watson from Ross Charles Hairdressing expertly detail the steps it takes to create a fashion-forward pop of color and geometric cut and style.

The Steps: Colour

Step 1. Use pre lightener and 20 vol. on the root.

Step 2. After 45 minutes rinse this colour off and shampoo the hair twice with Silver Maintain Shampoo from Alter Ego.

Step 3. Towel dry the hair and mix the toner, I used Alter Ego Platinum toner mixed with 5 vol.

Step 4. Brush toner on to the root using fine sections until you have reached a clean blonde before rinsing and towel drying.

Step 5. Mix Alter Ego Pastel Lilac and Pink Pop both with 5 vol. Brush this over 2 inches of root ensuring to brush the Pastel Lilac evenly and then blend Pink Pop through to the mid-lengths and ends.

Step 6. Leave the colour on for 20 minutes and then rinse. Finish with Alter Ego Conditioner - Gentle Detangler. The hair is now ready to be cut and styled.


The Steps: Styling

Step 1. On the short side of the hair, use a bent brush to blow dry it up. This will create the height that you need later on.

Step 2. Use clippers to fade through the hair roughly. Leave the top part of the shorter section slightly longer than the bottom part as this will support the longer section of the hair once styled.

Step 3. With the remaining hair, cut a horizontal guide at the crown then elevate at 90 degrees under sections using a traveling guide around the head. This will maintain the length at the bottom and create shorter layers on top. Then using a Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb, take interior vertical sections and backcomb with the full blade before slicing the remaining strands in the section to create shorter hairs in the section that will support the longer layers with lift.

Step 4. Use Alter Ego Love Me Curl to prepare the hair before blow-drying. The hair needs to be smooth before styling so blow-dry with a ceramic round brush to achieve some volume as well as movement.

Step 5. Curl the hair using a chopstick wand and take fine sections all the way up to the root of the hair to achieve volume.

Step 6. Using a Mason Pearson brush, comb all the hair through to create the desired look.