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While undone styles aren’t going anywhere in the New Year, they are getting a makeover. Messy chic is going out the window and undone glam is making a comeback! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to turn your style into something worthy of a Victoria Secret runway!

Step 1: After cleansing the hair, apply a small amount of a Blow-out Cream. Roughly blow-dry the hair upside down to encourage body.

Step 2: Create a center part before setting. Take 2-inch sections and using the EVY PROFESSIONAL PRO-STYLE Styling Irons, begin to create a curl. Angle the iron at 45 degrees, turning once at the root. Glide the iron all the way through to the end of the section. Once you release the iron you will have a smooth ribbon curl.

Step 3: Continue curling the hair in alternating directions. Allow the hair to set and cool.

Step 4: Once the hair has cooled down, a Volume Powder onto the root area and massage it in.

Step 5: Choose a far left or right part and flip the hair to encourage height. Tuck the other side slightly behind the ear.

Step 6: Use a wide tooth comb to break up the curls and finish with a light hold hairspray.

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