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As fall arrives, the day’s get shorter, the air crisper, and our wardrobe and hair transition into the moody deep tones of autumn.  Summer's sun kissed brondes become rich chocolate brunettes. Bright buttery blonde becomes honey golden evocative of summer’s sunshine.  Fiery coppers get their time to shine.  The bright rainbow pastel creative color of spring and summer merge into deeper jewel tones for the season.  Deep jet black becomes en vogue and less harsh as the time of year shifts.  





While this is the majority of the themes we see at this time of year, we saw all shades on the runway during fashion week FW 2016.  Alexander Wang included bleached out platinum’s and natural sun kissed highlights still held their own against the platinum blonde and cocoa brunettes. There are no set rules, and sometimes breaking them can be even more exciting!


A secret weapon of mine that goes into every formula, whether it be a bright platinum blonde or a toned down brunette, is B3 Brazilian Bond Builder.  It protects the hair from damage when going lighter and locks in and extends the color when adding in deeper hues.  Their new Demi-Permanent conditioning treatment is a must-have to reverse the ravages of summer; the sun, salt water and chlorine damage from spending a vacation by the sea or simply being doused in municipal water regularly (please, get a shower filter!). This damage can now be reversed by this magic in a bottle. I’m so thrilled to be able to use this on my clients of all levels and shades, it’s the perfect tool for seasonal change!  

To learn more about the latest from B3 be sure to stalk them on Bangstyle and follow their social media to see how you can get the color and condition you want!