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There’s no doubt about it – whether you specialize in haircuts or color, putting the finishing touches is everyone’s favorite part! No matter the style: modern shag, colorful ombré, or feathery fringe, putting a solid finish on your look is the best way to put together any outfit. So, what’s the best way to go about it? Take a peek at some of our favorite ways to finish below!

Cool Shot

Utilizing the cool shot on your blow dryer is one of those things we usually forget about. Not only is this a great tip when it gets a little too steamy in the bathroom, but the cool shot also allows you to close the cuticle, add shine and make sure that your section is completely dry. This can also help keep a curl or bend within a style by locking it in place.


Whether creating an upstyle or heading out in a humid environment, Style Fixer Hairspray is the top tool for keeping your style in shape. Hairspray puts a barrier between the elements and a finished look by blocking moisture, combatting against the wind or adding a bit of tack to keep bobby pins in place.

Shine Spray

Straight and sleek or waved and uniform, adding gloss to your look creates a modest feel to any texture. Adding gloss can also improve the look of your color and the appearance of the health of your hair. After spritzing your style with Biolage Sugar Shine Illuminating Mist, brush with a finishing brush to complete the style.

Texture Spray

Beachy waves and bouncy blowouts look best with a bit of texture and added volume. Applying Texture Builder throughout your style, separate and tousle with your fingers for an undone feel that packs a punch!

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