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Hair color is an investment—the last thing you should want to do is hide your hair under a cap or in a super-tight topknot when you leave the salon. The same rule should apply to your daily hair routine: If you going to commit to hair color, then you should always opt for flattering styles that show off your shade as much as possible. Check out the top styles that will make your hair color the focal point of your look.


Go curly


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Nothing shows off color, shine and dimension better than curls. To keep your shade at the forefront, create your curls with a curling iron with a larger barrel. That way, your curls will be voluminous enough to showcase your multifaceted hue.


Bust out a braid


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If you have peekaboo highlights, opt for a braided look. Whether you go for a Dutch, fishtail or classic three-strand braid, the woven style unites all of your locks and gives every shade a chance to shine.


Style it straight


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Give your stylist major props by sporting a sleek look that puts his or her handiwork at center stage. Straight hair with impeccable shine looks healthy and fresh and serves as the perfect canvas to show off a vibrant single shade, edgy balayage or multicolored highlights.


Make waves


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Much like ocean waves, color can ebb and flow (i.e. go from super-light to dark)—put your stylist’s artistry on display with modern waves. To show off a seamless transition, opt for smooth volume on top, a subtle wave or bend and straight ends.

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