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Being a hairdresser requires a unique set of skills. Apart from having the ability to juggle times, techniques and talking points you must also constantly be growing. Picking up new tips and trends while being able to translate this for clients is key. No matter how much time your guest spends in your chair, make sure it’s useful for them and fruitful for you! This season, as the holidays start to hit full swing you’ll want to add value to your salon appointments.

The Top Tips for Your Clients:


Invest In The Tools You Need Most

The finished look is everyone’s favorite part, so once you’ve finished the cut of color on your client, don’t just style him or her, educate your client. They each have their own unique style, and recreating that at home requires the right tools. Whether they like straight and sleek or undone waves – investing in a professional flat iron or curling wand will not only upgrade their style, it will save their strands. If they are worried about the price tag, be sure to send them over to SamVilla.com to learn more about our 0% Interest Payment Plans!


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The Right Way To Use Brushes

While most clients think that picking up a brush and running it through their hair is easy enough, there is a quick and easy little trick that breaks down how it is designed for best practice. A tip that Sam Villa normally educates about during his classes, take a peek at how stylist Shawna breaks down the vertical and horizontal differences.


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Teach Them How To Concentrate

The way hair dries dictates how the hair will fall and inevitably whether a style will stay. On a blow dryer, the nozzle is also known as the “concentrator” because it concentrates airflow in a specific direction ensuring control of each section. The nozzle works in two key ways – by creating a gap between the heat and the hair strand and by directing airflow in a more concentrated direction. It allows clients to create more power in the right direction for a smooth finish and shiny strands.

Think About The Big Picture

Whether it’s the finished style or changing the way they book appointments to the amount of care they put into the health of their hair, it’s always a good idea to urge clients to think about the bigger picture. Picturing an end goal and achieving it together goes much farther than turning them from a level 4 into a blonde in 1 appointment. It builds trust and allows you to show off the value of a professional hairstylist over time.


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