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You’ll love the latest fringe trend to the moon and back! 

Adding bangs or a fringe can help overhaul your entire look. But do you know which shape to pick? Choosing a fringe shape ultimately comes down to your hair type and comfortability with upkeep. The allure is that a fringe can elongate or narrow your face with the right shape, add interest to color, or an upstyle. Bangs can frame your face and be tailored well to show off all of your best features — hello, cheekbones! 

Bangs have grown exponentially in popularity this year, with a few key shapes taking over the internet. Case in point, the latest shape — half-moon bangs! 

What are half-moon bangs?

Half-moon bangs or crescent fringe are similar to curtain bangs but with less of a part. These eye-skimming curved bangs have a beautiful arch that falls along the brow line with a heavier weight line than most. 

What is the maintenance like?

The upkeep for this shape is more maintenance than the recent chin bangs or see-through fringe and will most likely require daily styling and upkeep to keep them looking their best. 

How to style this trend:

Due to their full nature and curved cut, this shape pairs well with a rounded finish. If you’ve decided on this shape, a round brush will be your best friend. 

  • Prep half-moon bangs with a heat protectant.
  • Blow dry side to side, and then use a round brush to create subtle movement and shape. 
  • Always have dry shampoo on hand to extend your style.


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